Saturday, 28 November 2009

My biography

I founded the dance company Habiba Dance to promote performance and teaching in traditional, expressive and theatrical forms of Egyptian Dance and make these forms accessible to new audiences. Under the Habiba Dance banner, I perform, teach community classes and workshops, and organise other workshops and events.

I first started Egyptian Dance classes in Edinburgh, over 10 years ago, with Lorne McCall. Inspired by her beautiful dance style and natural teaching ability, I went on to follow several years of study with Lorne. In recent years, I have specialised almost exclusively in traditional and contemporary forms of the Raqs Sharqi style. Key influencers in the direction of my training and artistic development are Juliana Brustik, Béatrice Grognard and Anne Ashcroft whose classes and workshops I have followed for a number of years across the UK, Belgium and Egypt.

As a performer, I bring exuberance, energy, humour musicality, connection to the audience and soulful interpretation of the different forms of Egyptian Dance.

As teacher, I am patient and giving, combining a strong grounding in technique with musical expression, and always bringing a sense of fun to my classes and workshops.

I am based in Scotland, I am a member of Northern Arabic Dance Association and I support Edinburgh Egyptian Dancers who organise local events and workshops.

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