Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Learning Arabic Through Music and Song

I've just discovered this interesting Arabic Language Learning Blog called The Arabic Student.  It's a blog that teaches Arabic using video clips, TV shows and songs.

Everything is explained through the eyes of the native English speaker learning Arabic.  I liked the useful collection of grammar points together with interesting explanations of the differences between main dialects.  Mostly, this is about learning the useful stuff that you might see and hear when travelling in Arabic speaking countries.

Overall, it's the children's songs and video clips that have grabbed me.  I really liked his post on the Egyptian Arabic version of the Little Mermaid, " 'Aroosat al baHr" which literally means Bride of the Sea.  This entry comes complete with Arabic script, transliteration and translation.  I could understand a little here and there using the bits of language I've learnt so far and think it is a great way of bringing the language to life.  Follow this link to watch the video clip and read the lesson.

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