Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dancing to Sun, Sea and Sarasvati

The wonderful Sarasvati girls held yet another fabulous event on Saturday night - their Sun, Sea and Sarasvati Hafla.  This was a fun night out with a seaside twist which raised almost £200 for the Marine Conservation Society.  This is a fantastic achievement, especially given numbers were slightly down after another dancer decided to organise a clashing hafla over in Edinburgh on the same night.  Well done girls!

The Hafla was hosted at La Bodega Tapas Bar, part of Dance With Attitude Studios in Glasgow.  It's a great venue for a party and the resident teachers Karen and Alexis even treated us to Tango and Salsa displays.  There were a number of marine inspired acts through the night and delivered in style, including Dance with Attitude's own belly dance teacher Lorri resplendent with mask and snorkel, a pirate dance by Kaz of Hafla Karimah and Stef from Sarasvati doing the dance of the jellyfish. 

Here's my dance from Saturday.  My performance didn't quite follow the theme, but I did select what I think is an appropriate "seaweed coloured" dress, by Hanan from Farida Dance for the occasion.

Here are some of the photos I took at the event.





  1. I'm surprised there was no (a) mermaids, (b) dancing to Bobby Darrin's Beyond the Sea, (c) meleya lef (ports, sailors, etc), (d) balady of the Suez Towns in sailor suits (e) Disney's Little Mermaid. when I thought I was coming I'd crossed all of those options off my list cos I thought they'd have been snapped up straight away!! Looks like a great night. xx

  2. Well if you hadn't jumped ship, that little mini skirt of yours would have gone down a treat with all the sailors! xx


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