Monday, 7 January 2013

Fabric Shopping in London

On a recent trip to London, I went to Goldhawk Road in Shepherd's Bush in search of interesting fabric for new costumes.  It's a great place to buy material, with shop after shop offering a huge range to suit any budget. 

Goldhawk Road
I was on a quest for something stretchy, okay to sew and flattering.  I was also interested in finding something versatile, with resulting makes that could sit somewhere between classwear and performance.  My other requirements were to avoid plain colours, velvet - which doesn't tend to stay put while dancing, and to avoid anything too shiny - which is less flattering on curves.  This spec wasn't initially easy to fulfill, but after a couple of hours of rummaging I bought several metres of lycra and stretch fabric ranging from £3 to £4 per metre.

Here are the results of my haul:

Starry night

Psychedelic blue

Touch of pink

Midnight lace
What's your verdict?

Update 25/2/13: read my follow up post with photos of the Baladi dress made from the 'stary night' lycra. 


  1. Fabulous, and just as soon as I've reduced my stash, I'm going to treat myself to a wander down Goldhawk Road!

    FYI, for anyone interested, I found this page *all* about the various fabric shops in Goldhawk Road, which looks very helpful.

  2. That's excellent Bea, and while you're there do pay a visit to the little stall round the corner in Shepherd's Bush market which sells some wonderful sparkly trimmings - you would love it!


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