Sunday, 20 June 2010

Khan, Mahmoud's (again!) and a Balcony party with Sara

Day 6 of the tour took us on a return visit to the Khan el Khalili to take our shopping more seriously, taking in Mahmoud's again along with visiting many of the smaller outlets.  This photo shows one of the many shops displaying their colourful wares in the Khan. 

In Mahmoud's I took the opportunity to order a made to measure saiidi dress and we stocked up on a whole range of costume essentials including galabeyas, skirts, hip scarves, veils and jewellery.

The evening, Sara Farouk came over to Lorna's apartment for a class and a chance to spend the evening chatting on the balcony.   A British dancer who moved to Egypt a few years back, Sara had plenty of stories to tell about the life there.  Also, Sara works for Eman's which meant I finally got a chance to order that galabeya.  Here is a photo of the view from Lorna's balcony.

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  1. Had forgotten that evening- it was a good one!!!! LOTS of chat ( and a few drinkies too!)


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