Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dancing to the tune of London 2012

The excitement of the London 2012 Olympics came to Edinburgh today, with the Olympic torch relay.  Here is Scottish ice dancer John Kerr whizzing by, flame in hand. 

Another part of the year of Olympic celebrations, coming to Edinburgh, is Big Dance 2012.  Thousands of events are taking place across the UK, involving all kinds of dance styles and community groups.  And anyone can join in.

The Edinburgh Big Dance event takes place over the weekend Saturday 30th of June and Sunday 1st July.  There's all sorts of different things going on across the city and here are my top picks.

Firstly, my Ballet class at Dance Base are performing the "Ballet of the Trams" at the Grassmarket stage on the Saturday at 2.50pm.  The whole thing is choreographed to the "Trolley Song" from Meet me in St Louis.  And for all sorts of reasons, this all age, all ability group of ballerinas and ballerinos is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The second event is something very special indeed.  I can't say much more, but I do know that the event is being led by Elspeth SwishandHips and it is rumoured be taking place in central Edinburgh at lunchtime on Sunday 1st July.  I can't wait!

How are you celebrating the 2012 Olympics where you are?

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