Friday, 15 June 2012

Zilling in the rain...

In response to my question about playing zills in the rain, I received this reply from "A fellow walking zill practiser who agrees that muffling interferes":
Living on the sixtieth parallel, rain, cold, walking, and zills have challenged me.  Foggy rain, I simply play as I walk.  Soaking rain, I wear a gortex hooded poncho over my warm-weather gear.  I do not know what brands of glove liners you have available, but should you run into the "numbing cold zill effect" then I recommend getting a second pair of zills and sizing the elastic to a pair of wind-breaker, water-proof glove liners to wear under your poncho.  Hope that this helps! 
Wow, I have to say it's really nice to know I'm not alone, and that there are even greater challenges for outdoor zillers than the Scottish weather.  When I started this practise regime about 6 weeks ago we were experiencing an unseasonal cold spell.  Indoors, I had my heating on.  Outdoors, after about 10 minutes my hands would start to feel bitter cold as the metal of the zills plunged with the outside temperature.

I love the idea of a second pair of zills sized to fit over glove liners. Although if I manage to achieve some sort of musical competency before the onset of this year's winter that would also eliminate this sort of hazard. 

Thank you, my fellow zills walker, I zaghareet you!  Enjoy the summery zills days while they last!

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